Power your home with CarbonBetter® energy

20% of carbon emissions come from home energy use. CarbonBetter energy changes that.

Provision CarbonBetter plans reduce the amount of carbon released through home energy use by including 100% carbon offset natural gas and 100% renewable electricity on all energy plans. Plus, all Provision plans plant trees, taking you from carbon neutral to CarbonBetter.

All CarbonBetter plans include electricity and natural gas that is 100% renewable or carbon offset, creating more available clean energy and releasing less carbon.
We plant trees with every CarbonBetter® plan. Trees work to capture excess carbon in the atmosphere and use it to grow and create oxygen.

Simple clean energy plans with zero cancellation fees.

We provide electricity and natural gas supply plans that go beyond carbon neutral, serving homes and businesses in Ohio and Michigan. By partnering with local distribution utilities through Energy Choice programs, we’re able to offer customized clean energy plans that are both affordable and good for the earth.

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Provision works in partnership with local distribution utilities to bring clean energy and customized energy supply plans to customers in deregulated states. Find your local utility to check out CarbonBetter plans in your area.

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CarbonBetter Electricity Plans

All Provision electricity plans offer 100% renewable electricity. This means that we invest in clean energy projects through renewable energy credits to generate the same amount of electricity you used at home, and we put that on the grid for all to use. In this way, your electricity is considered carbon neutral. But carbon neutral is not enough because it doesn’t address existing carbon in the atmosphere. So in addition to 100% renewable electricity, all Provision plans also plant trees. Trees are carbon-capturing superheroes, taking carbon from the air and using it to grow. The more trees we plant together, the more carbon we capture.

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Energy Choice Unlocks Clean Energy Options

Energy choice gives you total control over your energy supply costs and environmental impact by giving you the ability to choose a plan that’s best for you.

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Easy to understand energy supply plans with no cancellation fees
CarbonBetter energy and planting trees included with all plans
Exclusive plan options not offered by your local utility
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