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Do you choose where to buy gas for your car?
It should be the same for your home’s energy.

You probably have a favorite gas station. It may be because of the convenient location, the low prices, the generous rewards program, or something else that’s important to you. Can you imagine being required to use only one gas station, without the ability to go to your favorite one? You should also have options for buying your home’s energy supply. Thanks to Energy Choice, you have the power to choose a Provision CarbonBetter energy plan, and make a difference every time you turn on your lights.

Energy Choice creates competition as suppliers work hard to earn your business.

Energy Choice allows you to choose a plan that’s good for you and for the earth.

Energy Choice allows you to choose from plan types that your utility doesn’t offer.

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Energy Choice
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Energy Choice gives you total control over your energy supply costs and environmental impact by giving you the ability to choose a plan that’s best for you. When you choose a supplier you gain access to plan types and renewable energy options that your utility doesn’t offer.

1. Clean Energy Producers

Producers generate electricity and produce natural gas for wholesale purchase by Provision. We create more clean energy for all by investing in these producers through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets to supply our customers with 100% clean energy on every plan.

2. Retail Energy Suppliers

Suppliers purchase wholesale energy and transport it to local utilities for consumers. Suppliers offer a variety of energy supply plans for consumers to choose from, but only Provision offers CarbonBetter plans that include 100% clean energy and plant trees as you use it.

3. Local Distribution Utilities

Utilities operate power lines and gas pipes, which deliver energy to consumer homes and businesses. They also conduct meter reads, issue monthly bills, and manage emergency services. In some states, consumers can also get their supply for their utility, but with no plan options.

4. Energy Choice Customers

When you choose Provision, you can choose a CarbonBetter supply plan with 100% clean energy, plant trees, receive full service from your local utility, and full service from Provision. Do good for the world every time you turn on your lights.

Consumers Benefit From Energy Choice

Energy Choice drives competition and innovation as suppliers compete to earn your business and loyalty.

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Our Utility Partners in Energy Choice

Provision works in partnership with local distribution utilities to bring clean energy and customized energy supply plans to customers in deregulated states. Find your local utility to check out CarbonBetter plans in your area.

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