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Why it matters

Home energy use is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gasses in the United States. When we dig up and burn fossil fuels to create the energy that we use at home to cook, heat and cool our homes, power our lights, and charge our devices, carbon is released into the atmosphere. Too much carbon in the atmosphere can warm the planet, with increasingly devastating consequences. With Provision there’s a better way forward.

Less Carbon Released: Carbon Better plans include 100% clean energy via renewable energy credits and carbon-offset credits. These credits invest in creating more clean energy and releasing less carbon.
More Carbon Captured: We plant trees with every Carbon Better plan. Trees work to capture excess carbon in the atmosphere and use it to grow while also creating oxygen.

You can make a difference

We all want to do what’s best for our families and what’s best for our planet, but sometimes figuring out how to help can be overwhelming. What if we could do good just by making a small change to where we get the energy supply that we use at home? What if making a difference was truly as simple as turning on the lights? With Provision it’s that simple.

Switch to Provision as your retail energy supplier and watch your personal impact grow each month. This is energy for good.

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But carbon neutral is not enough

Even when we invest in clean energy projects that generate more and more clean energy, and we reduce carbon emissions through carbon offsets, we are still left with too much carbon in the atmosphere from a history of digging up and burning fossil fuels for energy. There’s more carbon in the atmosphere than our existing trees can capture. Carbon neutral energy only works to address what’s happening now, but it doesn’t address what happened in the past.

To do this, we have to be
Carbon Better

Carbon Better means that every Provision plan not only includes 100% clean energy, but every energy supply plan also plants trees, because trees are the original carbon-capturing superheroes. Technology has yet to surpass the efficiency of trees in capturing carbon, and reforestation is one of our most powerful tools in returning our planet to carbon balance.

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We’re in this together

With Provision Carbon Better energy plans, we work together to make a difference by using energy for good. When you use energy at home, we invest in creating more clean energy and reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, and we plant trees that capture existing carbon in the atmosphere. We do this together every time you warm up your home, cook dinner for your family, or charge your cell phone. Our customers are our partners in our mission to heal our home planet, and it’s truly as simple as turning on the lights.

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