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Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get started on spring cleaning. With so many tasks on your checklist, it’s important to focus on the end goal: making your home healthy and energy efficient. We hope these spring cleaning tips are helpful!

Make a checklist:

  • Walk around the home and take notes on what you would like to clean. Don’t forget places behind and under furniture. Some of the places that can really effect the energy efficiency of your home (and utility bills!) are:
    • Furnace and A/C units – change filters regularly to improve performance.
    • Refrigerator – beyond ridding the inside of spills and splashes, don’t forget about the exterior coils and vents that keep your refrigerator from expelling too much heat. Scoot the refrigerator off the back wall and do a quick vacuum cleaning back there as well as an easy sweep under to grab those dust bunnies.
    • Dryer – collecting lint from your dryer after each use lets the dryer do its job faster and better. Additionally, get the exterior clean with a vacuum attachment – focusing on the vents.
    • Ceiling fan – while you’re up there dusting, keep in mind the direction of your fan to maximize airflow. Clockwise rotation moves warm air down (winter mode) and counterclockwise rotation moves the warm air up (summer mode).
  • Once you’ve gone through the house, take a few minutes to go back through everything and organize how you’d like to tackle all of the projects. Estimate the time it will take for major projects or each area of the home to get a better idea of how long you’ll be cleaning.
  • If you live with other people, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. After all, everyone should contribute to the areas that they use.
  • Next, gather supplies.
    • Take inventory of the cleaning supplies and products you have and what you will need. Try to avoid cleaners with strong smells and chemicals, and opt for more eco-friendly cleaners that will make the air in your home smell like a chemical lab. There are also plenty of budget friendly cleaners that you can make at home with simple products – like vinegar and baking soda!

Tackle it:

Remember not to overexert yourself and try to make it fun by:

  • Listening to music
  • Turning it into exercise
  • Talking to a friend
  • Cleaning against the clock


Often times, we slowly accumulate new clothes, shoes, and other gadgets that go unnoticed until we actually need to clean and reorganize our living space. If you find yourself coming across items you never use, forgot about, or don’t care for, donate these items and make your space feel even cleaner and more organized. If you’re hesitant to throw away something you spent a lot of money on, try selling it online (eBay, Craigslist). If you’ve managed to collect a plethora of items you don’t want in the house anymore, try a garage sale!

Utilize all of the free online resources to make your home as healthy and energy efficient as possible. Consider the free Home Energy Saver energy calculator to see how your home can run at its most optimum levels.

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