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December 2022 CarbonBetter® Impact Update

Every month we share the positive impact our customers have made through their use of CarbonBetter-certified 100% energy, which is included in every Provision clean energy supply plan. Each customer on these plans receives an email with their personal impact for the month, and this blog post reflects the impact all of our customers have made together since we became CarbonBetter-certified in November 2020.

We’re honored to be able to provide affordable clean energy that makes a real difference. Check out all of our past Impact Updates here!

Our Customers’ CarbonBetter Impact – December 2022 Update


Provision customers have funded 92,915 mWh of clean energy generation, which could power 9,990 homes for a year.* 


Provision customers have offset 55,585 tons of carbon, which is like avoiding over 137 million miles of driving.**


Provision customers have funded planting 64,773 trees, which may sequester 1,068 tons of carbon in their lifetime.***

Want to be included in our next impact update?

It’s easy to contribute to the positive impact we make each month. All Provision energy plans include CarbonBetter clean energy, which helps you make a difference automatically when you use energy at home.

Our customers help fund clean energy generation through renewable energy certificates, offset carbon through carbon credits, and plant trees to aid in reforestation and increase our natural carbon-capturing capabilities. It’s never too late to start using your energy for good.

About the Project

This month’s featured project is the Zeeland Waste Heat Recovery – OREG2 CS8, a 30-acre generating station in the city of Zeeland. The project is being developed by Consumers Energy, which owns and operates the generating station, and is overseen by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The MPSC has approved the project as a renewable energy facility and issued a certificate of public good (CPG) to support its development. Provision purchased Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for this project, generating up to 930 megawatts (MW) of electricity to power a community of about 800,000 people.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Explained

100% renewable electricity is included automatically in every Provision electricity supply plan, and we use renewable energy certificates, or RECs, to deliver on our clean energy promise. Homes are connected to the power grid by transmission lines, and the electricity that’s supplied is derived from a variety of generation resources, both renewable and non-renewable. This is because when clean energy is generated and put on the grid, it’s mixed with other fuel sources, making it difficult for environmentally conscious consumers to supply their homes with 100% clean energy.

Provision ensures more clean energy is put on the grid by funding renewable generators by purchasing RECs. These certificates support electricity generation equal to the volume consumed by Provision customers, thus leading to a cleaner grid and delivering on pour 100% clean energy promise. So far, Provision customers have helped fund over 70,000 mWh of renewable electricity using RECs.

How the Zeeland Waste Heat Recovery Project Works

The Zeeland Generating Station began operation in 2001. The site has one steam turbine and four combustion turbines running on natural gas. Two of the four combustion turbines can generate up to 360 megawatts in only 24 minutes, while the other two have complementary heat recovery steam generators, one of which has a steam turbine capable of producing up to 575 megawatts. These units work simultaneously, especially during periods of high customer demand.

In the combustion turbines, large volumes of cool air are brought to the compressor, which uses rows of blades to compress the air and raise the potential energy. The air is mixed with fuel in the combustion zone, providing high-temperature, high-energy airflow. This hot air then passes through the turbine blades coupled to a generator, causing the turbine blades to rotate and make electricity.

The relatively simple technology of the combustion turbine allows the plant to respond quickly to the seasonal highs and lows of Michigan’s energy demand. Customers also save money because the plant avoids the expensive spot market when customer demand exceeds the capacity of the company’s base load plants.

Project Benefits

Natural gas combustion and the technology used in two combustion turbines enable significant power generation while emitting low nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide levels. Two units also utilize selective catalytic reduction to reduce nitrogen oxide levels further.

Employees are committed to monitoring and analyzing the plant’s air, water, and soil to ensure it meets all state and federal requirements. They maintain an active recycling program at the plant to reduce waste going to landfills. Plant employees and retirees are involved in various organizations in the communities where they live and work, in addition to participating in an annual United Way fundraising campaign.

Finally, Zeeland Generating Station has adopted a section of Interstate 196 between Zeeland and Hudsonville through the state-sponsored Adopt-A-Highway program. Since 2002, the plant has also sponsored the city of Holland’s Tulip Time Festival. The plant and its employees contribute to schools, recreation centers, libraries, and local charities.

To learn more about employee and retiree volunteer efforts, please visit Consumers Energy Foundation.


Completed in 2001, and purchased by Consumers Energy in 2007, The Zeeland Waste Heat Recovery project generates an average of 930 megawatts (MW) of electricity, which is enough electricity to power a community of about 800,000 people.

As a Provision customer, you help fund projects like this—helping businesses, school districts, and families reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while saving money on utility bills. We make it simple for you to offset your carbon footprint and support projects like these that aid in preserving our planet. Switch to Provision today and put your energy to good use!

Every Provision Customer Makes a Difference

Clean Energy

You fund clean energy generation when we offset 100% of your power usage with RECs.

Reduce Carbon

You reduce carbon released when we offset 100% of your natural gas usage with carbon credits.

Plant Trees

You plant trees that will capture carbon as you use energy. This is using energy for good.

About CarbonBetter Impact Calculations:

*The typical home in your area uses 9,300 kWh of electricity per year.

Impact is calculated based on our customers’ billings in the impact month, but planting, funding, and offsetting may not happen in that month. These activities must align with planting seasons and project life cycles to be effective. If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@getprovision.com.

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