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Simple clean energy plans with zero cancellation fees.

We provide electricity and natural gas supply plans that go beyond carbon neutral, serving homes and businesses in Ohio and Michigan. By partnering with local distribution utilities through Energy Choice programs, we’re able to offer simple clean energy plans that are both affordable and good for the earth.

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We work hard to offer exclusive clean energy plans your utility doesn’t.

CarbonBetter energy plans

Carbon neutral is not enough. Get affordable clean energy and plant trees.

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Use your energy for good while staying a full customer of your utility.

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We’re on a mission to plant 100,000 trees

Why Plant Trees?

Trees are our powerhouse “clean” energy partner! Trees capture and store carbon from the air while creating oxygen for us to breathe. Carbon neutral energy plans alone cannot reduce carbon already in the atmosphere, and planting trees is a sustainable and practical way to go beyond carbon neutral. This is why we plant trees with every Provision clean energy plan. This is using energy for good.

Carbon is released when we use energy at home
Too much carbon in the air warms the earth
Trees capture carbon and use it to grow
Let’s Start Planting Together

Energy Choice Unlocks Clean Energy Options

Energy choice gives you total control over your energy supply costs and environmental impact by giving you the ability to choose a plan that’s best for you.

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The Provision Difference

Easy to understand energy supply plans with no cancellation fees
CarbonBetter energy and planting trees on all plans
Exclusive plan options not offered by your local utility
Friendly and easy-to-reach local customer care team
Hundreds of thousands of happy customers served
Renewal alerts & plan recommendations

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